30 Brilliant Tattoo Cover Up Ideas To Give Your Tattoo A Second Chance

Tattoos should be permanent although there are times when a person walks out of a tattoo studio not proud of what they got. You can only deal with unwanted tattoo in two ways: tattoo cover up and removal. Tattoo cover ups are the cheapest and they may also completely hide unwanted old tattoos with new and better designs. And here are brilliant tattoo cover up ideas to give your tattoo a second chance #TattooCoverUp #CoverUp #Tattoo #Tattoos

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  1. Vignesh.S.K Vignesh says:

    Plz show some tattoos of Lord Shiva (am from India) or nataraja

  2. Cory Obrien says:

    2:11 not a cover-up…. we call these ones touch ups. Nothing was covered, only enhanced

  3. UniSerg says:


  4. AMAZING PICS TV says:

    cool video!

  5. greenrobot5 says:

    The almighty rose covering up names and chinese symbols since 2015

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