21 Tattoos Turn Scars That People Don’t Want to Hide Anymore Into Art

A tattoo is not only a way of self-expression but also an opportunity to decorate a place on the body where there are scars or burns. In this article we will show you people who didn’t let the flaws of their bodies become a problem and even highlighted them with unusual tattoos. They are bold, beautiful, and inspiring. Enjoy this new video: 21 tattoos turn scars that people don’t want to hide anymore into art

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  1. Jeni Watkins says:

    Some are quite creative. Beautiful art

  2. Israel Ramos says:

    Beautiful tattoos….. Congratulations. Awesome vídeo?? ???

  3. Didi Koval says:

    hey, cool tattoos

  4. Rumo Ao Desconhecido says:
  5. mega lodon says:

    quite frankly I think the scars are actually more appealing to those nasty tattoos scar has some form character about it tattoos just look like trashy stuff that prisoners and homosexuals and lesbians getting out of mental institutions have. a lot of those scores they were covering up look to be self-inflicted which only proves what they said people who get tattoos have mental issues next time you bunch of nutjobs should buy t-shirt it’s cheaper and when you’re done with it you can give it to Goodwill and they can give it to a homeless person or something nobody wants a disgusting old nasty tattoo hell they’d rather have the scars

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